"Dr. Sura"

Krishna Surapaneni MD

Fellowship Trained, Board-Certified Eye Surgeon

Dr. Sura is a board-certified and fellowship-trained ophthalmologist specializing in cataract, refractive, glaucoma, and corneal surgery. He offers a full range of vision correction procedures to help his patients achieve great vision. His goal is to provide the highest quality care for his patients, and he takes pride in building long-lasting relationships with them.

An Open Letter to My Patients

From a very young age, I was stuck behind glasses or contacts. And as someone who has always loved to be active, it was quite limiting.

But all that changed a few years ago, when I underwent my vision correction procedure. Now my vision is 20/10 – better than 20/20! Suddenly, the world was at my fingertips and my life improved in so many ways – everything from my surgical skill to my ability to work out regularly (and enjoy it) improved after my vision was fixed.

I am so grateful for modern vision correction – it has truly transformed my life for the better. And I want to share that transformative experience with each of our patients at SuraVision.

I chose ophthalmology as a career because I saw and personally experienced the opportunity to make a tremendous improvement in patients’ quality of life by improving their vision and treating their blindness. 

  • Cataract surgery patients tell me they can finally drive safely
  • Young parents tell me they are able to better care for their children in the middle of the night. 
  • Frontline healthcare workers share how they can do their jobs more easily without foggy glasses or the strain caused by hours of contact lens use. 

These are just a few examples of success stories that remind me how fortunate we are to serve such amazing patients here at SuraVision.

Every patient has a unique story, and I would be honored to play a part in yours. When you come to see us, I am happy to share my personal experience with you. We will answer every question you have, and make sure you are confident and empowered to make the decision that’s best for your unique eyes and the life you deserve.

Krishna Surapaneni MD
Founder, SuraVision


Dr. Sura Has Brought a (Literal) World of Refractive Surgery Experience Back to His Home Town.

Born in West Texas, raised in Houston.

Dr. Sura attended the University of Texas Health Science Center for medical school. Dr. Sura trained in general surgery at the University of Florida and subsequently completed his residency training at Wake Forest University, where he was Chief Resident.

Completing and complementing his fellowship.

From there, he completed his cataract, refractive, glaucoma, and cornea fellowship training at Vold Vision, one of the world’s busiest and most innovative ophthalmic practices.

Dr. Sura furthers his clinical experience.

By completing an additional refractive surgery training fellowship with with the world-renowned Refractive Surgery Alliance, a program designed to develop the highest-skilled refractive surgeons in the world to lead the field for the next generation.

Dr. Sura has led several charitable activities and mission trips.

He led a team in a multi-year effort to establish an HIV clinic to bring much-needed healthcare to rural Kenya. He has also participated in medical mission trips in Latin America to conduct sight-saving cataract surgery and corneal transplants. Now, Dr. Sura has returned to his hometown and launched SuraVision – an advanced, patient-focused, customized vision correction center serving the vision needs of his fellow Houstonians.

“As a vision correction patient myself, I know first-hand what a life-changing difference it makes.”

—Dr. Sura

“As a vision correction patient myself, I know first-hand what a life-changing difference it makes.”
—Dr. Sura


SuraVision - The Houston LASIK Center with One Focus: Advanced Vision Correction

Most Houston LASIK places like to do “everything eyes.” This is not the case at SuraVision. You won’t find glasses and contacts for sale. You can’t even book an annual eye exam with us. Why not? Because we believe in the Collaborative Care model, in which we partner with Optometric Physicians in the community who specialize in these primary eye care services.

In turn, we are able to focus on what we do best – changing lives through advanced vision correction surgery. With this goal in mind, we have invested in modern technology and have assembled a team that is passionate about vision correction surgery in order to maximize safety and provide the best possible outcomes for each patient and their unique eyes. Our narrow focus allows us to spend plenty of time with each patient to design and deliver a customized vision correction plan for each of our patients.


Dr. Sura is fellowship-trained and board-certified refractive surgeon. He is very involved with the Refractive Surgery Alliance and is a speaker and author, with more than 40 presentations and publications.

Industry awards, honors and notable accomplishments include:

  • Chief Resident, Ophthalmology Residency Training at Wake Forest University
  • Completed anterior segment fellowship training at one of the country’s busiest and most innovative ophthalmic practices
  • Board member of a nonprofit whose focus is to improve patient education of eye diseases
  • Established an HIV clinic to bring much-needed healthcare to rural Kenya 
  • Led a medical mission trip in Honduras to conduct sight-saving cataract surgery and corneal transplants
  • The first ophthalmologist in the United States to have the SMILE laser vision correction procedure
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