What is PRK?

PRK is essentially LASIK without the flap. The acronym PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. An excimer laser is used to reshape your cornea during PRK. And, as with LASIK, the visual results will be spectacular. The only "downside" is that the visual recovery time of PRK is slightly longer.

“I had PRK Surgery. The change in my life has been incredible. I can see so much clearer!”

Top reasons to choose SuraVision for PRK.


You will benefit from your PRK procedure for many years to come.


Our PRK pricing is all-inclusive, with no additional fees or upsells for astigmatism, high prescriptions, enhancements, or eye medications.


PRK costs $2800 for each eye. A small price to pay for loving your vision.


You won’t have to worry about getting your recovery medications. Everything will be ready for you.


Dr. Sura, a highly skilled surgeon, will meet with you directly to discuss your best vision plan.


When you arrive, you become the focus of everyone’s attention.


During your PRK consultation, you will receive a comprehensive personalized diagnostic evaluation of your eyes.


PRK takes only a few minutes from start to finish, and your vision returns quickly.


Your PRK procedure is performed using the most cutting-edge technology available today.


Throughout your PRK procedure and follow-up care, you will be surrounded by the most personable, caring staff.

Is PRK safer than LASIK?

Millions of people have enjoyed the benefits of LASIK and PRK. PRK is more appropriate for certain types of eyes. PRK can correct irregularities that LASIK cannot correct. Dr. Sura frequently recommends PRK to patients with thinner corneas, irregular scarring, or keratoconus who have already undergone crosslinking.

“PRK is another favorite and successful vision correction surgery. It is better suited to people with a tendency for dry eye or with thin corneas.”

How it works.

A thin layer of the surface of your cornea will be gently removed during PRK. Following that, an excimer laser will reshape your cornea based on specific calculations. Small laser pulses correct any refractive errors in seconds. Each eye is fitted with a protective bandage contact lens to provide extra comfort during the healing process.

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It starts with a PRK consult.

At SuraVision, you will find so much more than a basic PRK screening. Your SuraVision Ocular Analysis is the most in-depth eye exam you've ever experienced. You will meet personally with Dr. Sura, your surgeon. He will review your scans, explain your options, and answer all your questions. You will be empowered to choose the ideal vision correction procedure for your unique eyes and lifestyle.

How much does PRK Eye Surgery cost?

Your PRK investment with SuraVision is $2800 per eye, or $5600 for both eyes. We are the only Texas practice to publish its real PRK price. Think of it this way: After PRK you’ll “own” your vision instead of “renting” it from the contacts or eye glass industry. When you invest in vision correction you are investing in yourself.

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How much are glasses and contacts costing you?

The average person spends $25,000+ on glasses, contact lenses, solution, eye exams, etc. It’s like renting your vision from the glasses and contacts lenses industry. Worst of all, these will NEVER correct your vision. Use our affordability calculator and see how much you can save by getting PRK.

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PRK questions? We've got answers.

Does insurance cover PRK?

No. PRK is a vision correction procedure that is very similar to LASIK. One of these similarities is that the procedure is considered elective. You can, however, use your HSA or FSA to pay for the procedure.

Does PRK wear off?

No. PRK uses laser-guided precision to re-shape your cornea permanently and does not wear off. The effects of PRK are long-lasting and our patients report a significant improvement in their vision.

Does PRK hurt?

No. You will be given medication to keep you comfortable during your PRK procedure. The visual recovery time after PRK is slightly longer than that of LASIK.

How long does PRK take?

PRK only takes a few minutes per eye. The corneal epithelium is gently removed with a solution so that the excimer laser can correct any refractive errors.

What if I blink or move during PRK?

There is no cause for concern. Our lasers are built to limit and account for motion. Even if you cough, the laser will stop and resume from where it left off.

Who is a candidate for PRK?

If you have thin corneas and nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, PRK is an excellent procedure. A thorough eye exam is required to determine whether PRK is right for you.

Is PRK a safe alternative to LASIK?

Yes. Both procedures are equally safe and produce stunning visual results. Overall, it is an excellent option for people with thinner corneas, corneal scarring, or keratoconus following cross-linking.

When can I return to work after PRK?

Most of our PRK patients are back to work within 2 days. The vision itself is usually clear within the next day and continues to clear even more over the weeks.

Can I Use My HSA or FSA for PRK?

Yes. PRK is a procedure that is covered by a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Spending Account. You can use your company’s health or flexible spending account to pay for PRK.

See life at its best.

Sharp, clear vision is closer than you think. Enjoy more of what life has to offer every minute of the day and night after PRK.

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